The Vision for every child

Imagine it's 2013, and we at ConveGenius are fueled by a dream. It’s a simple yet powerful idea: to make quality education accessible to every child, no matter their background. Our journey starts small but hopeful, with tablets full of learning content. These were our first steps toward a big change in education.


Adapting to Reality

But soon, we hit a roadblock. The tablets, though filled with potential, weren’t quite cutting it in terms of quality and reach. We needed a change, so we switched to pen drives. However, this approach too had its limits, mainly reaching only government schools with computers. We realized we needed a more versatile solution, one that bridged both hardware and content.



A New Path

Determined to reach every child, we improved our tablets to work offline. By 2019, our efforts had reached 5 million kids! But then, as we were making progress, COVID-19 struck. Suddenly, kids were without their school tablets, confined at home.


A Turning Point With COVID-19

COVID-19 changed everything. It forced us to rethink our approach. So, we turned to WhatsApp, launching our first educational bot. The response was extraordinary – so much so that it overwhelmed our servers. It was a clear sign: simplicity is the essence of technology.

A Revelation

Technology That Understands You

This period was a learning curve for us. We understood that technology needs to be intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible. It should cater to humans, not the other way around.

That's when SwiftChat was born


Bringing Education to Life

We dreamed up SwiftChat as more than just a platform – it's where education becomes engaging and interactive. It's not just about accessing information, but about immersing in it. We created a space where learning feels as natural and comfortable as chatting with a friend.